Financial Wellness Articles

Financial Wellness Articles

Tools and Tips for Managing Your Finances

Get information, tools and tips for managing your finances, getting out of debt, improving your credit and more. These articles are written by GreenPath staff, based on the needs that we learn about from our clients.

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Podcast Episode Real Stories Episode 20: Nina – Light after Darkness  October 15, 21 Nina has been on quite a journey the last few years. For her, stress around her finances was only the… read more
Retirement Savings Get Back on Track with Retirement Savings October 11, 21 Ask the Financial Expert” is a GreenPath series assisting readers with the pressing financial questions of everyday life. read more
Woman Planning Financial Get Smart About Debt: Recorded Webinar October 8, 21 Debt doesn't have to be a scary word! GreenPath is here to answer questions about debt. How much is too… read more
purchasing plan for inflation and shortages What’s Your Plan in the Face of Inflation and Shortages? October 6, 21 It could be a bumpy ride in the months ahead when it comes to your purchasing power. Many of the… read more
Financial Fitness Five Part Checklist To Improve Your Financial Fitness October 4, 21 Credit card debt, economic challenges, and a competitive labor market are just a few factors that can challenge how you… read more
Student Loans Now What Website Your Student Debt: What Now? September 30, 21 COVID-era relief extensions are in the news and getting prepared with the best options to handle your student loan debt… read more

Creating A Budget

Reasons To Budget 5 Reasons to Make a Budget April 29, 21 Making a budget and following it are two powerful financial habits. It’s not always easy, or fun at first. But it is one of the best steps you can take to successfully manage your finances. read more
teaching children how to budget Teaching Children How To Budget March 3, 21 Teaching children how to budget at a young age, will be helpful for them later in life. When your child gets money as an allowance or as a gift, you can help get them started with simple budgeting concepts. read more