Our Path to #BeDebtFree

Meet Jeff and Victoria. They teamed with GreenPath to help them figure out their finances and build a plan to clear out $45,000 in debt.  Visit this page throughout the month for their story.  Watch as they describe in their own words how they increased their peace of mind and gained a greater sense of security.

Every single time I called GreenPath… it was always a very kind, loving, and supportive environment.


Chapter 1: Starting the Journey to #BeDebtFree

Watch the first chapter of a video highlighting Jeff and Victoria’s real-life story. They describe in their own words their financial challenges and the discovery they made which set them on a path to #bedebtfree. 

Let’s Start a Conversation

A caring GreenPath counselor worked with Jeff and Victoria to assess their entire financial situation and create an action plan to gain financial wellness.

Let’s connect to start the conversation.


Chapter 2: On the Road to Financial Wellness 

Our personal finances affect our relationships and overall well-being.  View the second chapter of a video to understand Jeff & Victoria’s tough situation, and how they got on the road to overcome financial hardships. 

Create a Short-Term Action Plan

Having a plan is the first step to #bedebtfreeThis workbook can help you set a spending plan and create a short-term action plan for paying your bills.


Chapter 3: $45k in Debt Paid Off 

In the final episode of our series, watch as Jeff and Victoria figure out their household finances, and work with GreenPath to build a plan to clear out $45,000 in debt.

Ready to take the first step?

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