Be Debt Free


Overwhelmed with nonstop collection calls? You’re not alone. Silence your phone and step into a fresh financial start with GreenPath’s Debt Management Program.

A Path Toward Peace of Mind

GreenPath is a trusted, national nonprofit that’s empowered people to lead healthier lives since 1961. In 2023 alone, we helped households across America repay more than $177 million in debt through our Debt Management Program. Here’s how it works:

“I feel like I can breathe again.” Christopher, WI

Simplified Payment

Automatically deposit funds into your GreenPath account, and we use those funds to pay debts on your behalf.

Lower Interest

GreenPath partners with creditors across the country to arrange lower interest rates and monthly payments that save you money.

An End to Calls

Once creditors agree to the program, collection calls stop, and your balances drop.

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Real Relief

We could tell you that GreenPath’s Debt Management Program changes lives every day. But some words are more powerful than our own.

Bryon, MN

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“I wasn’t expecting miracles, but wow, did they deliver! They didn’t just throw generic advice at me; they tailored a plan that fit my unique situation. In a world that’s all about the hustle, it’s refreshing to find a service that’s truly got your back.”

Paul, MI

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“[My counselor] went step by step in explaining my options and set up a payment plan that fits my budget…I got off the phone with a sigh of relief.”

Michael, FL

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“Thank you so much for all the time on the phone. Someone listening and actually being sympathetic meant the world to me.”

Maureen, IL

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“I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time. I felt like everything was caving in before I spoke with the counselor.”

Kristina, MI

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“I felt like I was climbing a never-ending hill without making progress. I was embarrassed to call because I was worried I would feel judged. [My counselor] made me feel super comfortable. For the first time, I feel confident about my financial future.”


People Paid Their Debts in Full with the Assistance of a DMP in 2023


Enter your current credit card balance.

Real Support

GreenPath counselors are certified by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). Whether you want to build a budget, prepare for home purchase, or strategize savings, they’re ready to create a personalized plan that puts you front and center.