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Our professional, caring counselors will work with you to assess your situation, explain the options or solutions available, and help you create a detailed action plan. Let us know which resource you’re looking for.

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GreenPath housing expert can help you understand your options.

Housing counseling from GreenPath can help you manage unexpected circumstances, including lost or reduced monthly income, which causes changes in our ability to keep up with rent.

Housing counseling can be helpful to get a handle on your options when prioritizing monthly rent against other bills.

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Home buying might feel like a complicated process.

It’s your BFF (Best Financial Friend) who will guide you through the coaching program. Our goal is to help guide and support your dreams of home ownership. Working with a coach in the Your Money Guide program will help you understand the homebuying process, make informed decisions and be financially ready for homeownership.

When you sign up you will receive all the information you need to understand your credit profile and how credit works, how to pay off debt and plan for your home purchase and navigate your journey to homeownership. Everyone’s path is different, and your BFF will help you apply the information to your unique situation. What are you waiting for?

GreenPath is an independent, national non-profit dedicated to guiding consumers along the path of sustainable homeownership and improving their overall financial health. GreenPath is a housing counseling organization approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that implements numerous financial education and housing programs across the nation. GreenPath is not a lender, it does not participate in the underwriting process, and it has no role in lending decisions.