GreenPath Financial Articles

Check out some helpful articles from GreenPath's archives.  This information may help you get out of debt, stay out of debt, plan for major purchases and make smart financial decisions.


Auto Finance

Read from our library of car finance articles from GreenPath and become an expert car buyer. You will learn information on whether to buy new or used, car loan financing, budgeting and so much more.

Cost Cutting

Cutting Costs is key when planning for financial success.  GreenPath has some great articles, tips, trick and steps to help you trim your budget for top financial fitness.

Credit Cards

Different types of credit cards? How do you choose the right one?  Here are some credit card articles that will help you navigate this complex issue so you can reach your financial goals.

Credit Reports

Learn how to better understand your credit report and how to manage your credit score.

Debt Elimination

Got Debt?  We can help!  Learn effective ways to eliminate your debt and regain control of your finances.

Housing Issues

Whether renting, owning, or buying a home, GreenPath has developed a housing article directory to help keep your housing financials in top shape.

Kids & Money

Help your child handle money responsibly. Learn fun money facts and ways to keep your children on a path toward fiscal responsibility.

Legal Issues & Consumer Rights

Learn about your legal rights and how the law can help you when dealing with identity theft, navigating credit debt and other financial issues.

Loan Types

How many types of loans do you have?  GreenPath Consumer Credit Counseling has put an article directory of information to help you learn all of the different types of loans.

Money Management

Your money is a major part of your life. Learn to manage your money like an expert!

Saving & Investing

Learn when it is time to save and time to invest.  Our article library is hear to help you make your money work for you.

Student Financial Aid

Get an overview of student financial aid and learn about student loans, scholarships and more.