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Register today for a free financial webinar presented by GreenPath education professionals.  The first and third Wednesday of each month, we present a different "Webinar Wednesday" topic at 12 noon Eastern.  Or watch a recorded webinar at your convenience.



Webinar Wednesday - Los Prestamos Estudiantiles 101 (Student Loans 101) - in Spanish | Wed Feb 10th - 12:00pm

Join us for our first Webinar Wednesday in Spanish*. This webinar will help you gain basic knowledge of student loans.  We will discuss types of loans, repayment options, postponing payments, income driven plans, forgiveness programs, and the consequences of defaulting on student loans.  We will also share some strategies to help you stay on track to repaying student loans. Sign-up here.

Webinar Wednesday - Building and Rebuilding Your Credit | Wed Feb 24th - 12:00pm

This webinar will discuss what you need to know as you set out to build or rebuild your credit file.  The first steps to take to build credit, the importance of keeping debt low, what to do with debt problems, how you can protect your credit history and steps to take to rebuild credit are discussed during this webinar. Click here to sign-up.

Webinar Wednesday - Financial Challenges Facing Each Generation | Wed Mar 9th - 12:00pm

Whether you’re a member of the Greatest Generation, a Baby Boomer, Generation X or Millennial, we all want to have financially comfortable lives. But each generation has their own idea about how to make that happen.  Join us as we take a look at money management by the generations and see how similar and different we really are. Click here, to sign-up for this free webinar.

Webinar Wednesday - First time Home Buying Tips | Wed Mar 23rd - 12:00pm

Buying your first home can be an exciting and memorable experience. It can also be a confusing and overwhelming time. This webinar will provide you with some important tips to make your first time home buying experience a success! Join us for this free webinar, by signing-up here.