Virtual Financial Coach

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Virtual Financial Coach

Now available to GreenPath partners, the Virtual Financial Coach uses award-winning AI and digital engagement technology from eGain to deliver 24/7 personalized GreenPath guidance.

The Virtual Financial Coach is a secure experience offering personalized advice 24/7 on any smartphone or computer.

Through text-based conversation, users receive coaching to establish financial goals and get advice on actions they can take to reach them.

The Virtual Financial Coach shares friendly step-by-step guidance based on the user’s interests and priorities. Users get bite-sized action steps and motivational nudges to encourage progress and celebrate success.

eCoach Lea Gives Financial Advice 24/7

Fortified with TransUnion Data

Fortified with TransUnion data, the Virtual Coach provides personalized advice and guidance with benefits to both users and financial organization.

User Benefits

  • Fast, insightful, prioritize credit advice
  • Credit score provides metric to measure progress
  • Highlight credit changes since last visit

Partner Benefits

  • Targeted credit product offers for secured card everywhere appropriate
  • User credit score trends offer measure of coach effectiveness
  • Coach user basic demographic data (credit score, zip code)

The Virtual Financial Coach
Delivers Useful Financial Guidance

  • Personalized using context and conversation to help build an action plan that meets an individual’s unique needs and goals.
  • Proven, leveraging GreenPath’s 60 years of experience successfully counseling millions of Americans and eGain’s award-winning technology.
  • Caring, concise, and jargon-free, with actionable steps and options to improve financial health.
  • Motivational through ongoing behavioral nudges to encourage and celebrate progress.

Personalized, Friendly, Easy to Use

  • Personalized action plans to help people achieve their goals
  • Ease of use to encourage adoption
  • Friendly, timely step-by-step guidance to ensure success
  • Personalized advice – tailored to the user’s situation and goals
  • Ongoing support to keep users on track
  • Easy access to GreenPath’s team of financial counselors