• March 11, 2021
  • By: P.T. Phan

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For over 60 years, GreenPath has partnered with organizations, like yours, to bring financial education and services to people all over the U.S. We support hundreds of organizations to deliver a full spectrum of financial wellness services to their members, customers and employees.

Credit Unions

Financial wellness counseling, education and resources for your members.


Reinvest in your community and support customers to achieve their goals.


Strengthen your employees with a financial wellness benefit.


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Jackie Urban, Altra Federal Credit Union

Being able to refer to a third-party partner that is able to cement the financial literacy information we told them is the greatest impact GreenPath has had on our organization. Sometimes I think people are a bit suspect of the financial industry. When you have an agency say the same information, it’s very powerful. The member begins to trust the industry again.

Rus Halsey, Independent Bank Corporation

Through partnering with GreenPath Financial Wellness, Independent Bank has enhanced their ability to support customers in reaching financial goals, develop stronger relationships with customers, improve customer satisfaction, and provide impactful financial literacy resources to staff and customers.

Mandy Ballard, Carhartt, Inc.

GreenPath provides meaningful content to our associates to get financial wellness information and support. Our account manager, Andy, is like a member of our team. He cares about our associates financial well-being and helps us develop plans and programs to support them.


We are seeking mission-aligned partners from across sectors. Together, we are transforming the culture of personal finance and enabling millions of Americans to improve their financial security.

A variety of organizations work with us to create financial wellness programs for members, customers or employees. Often, these combine access to GreenPath counselors and experts, as well as educational materials to support healthy habits. Together, we can be there for millions of people on their financial health journey.


We collaborate with researchers, funders and financial industry influencers to learn about people’s financial habits and needs. Insights from these projects lead to innovation partnerships to create financial products, services and tools that meet people’s needs.

We understand the pressure financial institutions are under to remove barriers and friction costs to serve members and customers. Check out our collaboration with The Financial Health Network to learn best practices and develop a framework for win-win-win partnerships.


A Resource to Help Organizations Move Forward

Read GreenPath’s detailed white paper sharing learnings as we begin our journey to advance Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) programs within and without our organization.

Organizations can use the paper as a resource for activities, insights and best practices.

No matter where your organization is on the IDEA journey, every step toward inclusion, diversity, equity, and access will lead to a better world for all.

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