Real Stories Episode 10: Mia – A Winding Road to her American Dream

  • October 29, 2020
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Mia has overcome many obstacles in her life.

As a new immigrant to the U.S., she overcame a language barrier and the challenge of building a career as well as learning a new financial system.

After finding a job at a major insurance provider, she faced the battle of her life after getting run over by a light rail train.

Learning how to walk again not only proved to be a physical challenge but an immense mental challenge.

Once recovered, she was the recipient of a home through Habitat for Humanity.

Mia’s Financial Challenges

Several years later, saddled with credit card debt, she was referred to GreenPath by her mortgage lender and found another “family” who was willing to listen to her financial concerns.

With GreenPath’s support and debt counseling, she become debt free and now looks forward to building her business which spreads the life lessons she has learned.

Join Mia on her journey as she explains in her own words what true wealth means to her.

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Music by Hir-o.

Time markers

1:44 Mia shares what it is was like to immigrate to the U.S. from the Philippines, including how this affected her finances.

3:46 She shares expectations vs. reality when it comes to the American Dream.

7:21 A near death experience changes her life forever.

12:40 Mia is the recipient of a Habitat for Humanity home.

17:10 She reaches out to GreenPath to help her with her debt and finds another “family.”

21:38 Mia explains her challenges adjusting to a debt repayment plan.

22:55 She ponders how she might have handled life events without GreenPath’s support.

24:00 Mia compares her light rail accident with her debt mountain and how each affected her mental health.

27:16 She explains how she brought in extra income in a way that met her needs.

29:05 Mia pays it forward by helping retail customers with financial concerns find resources like GreenPath.

30:40 She describes her business venture, including the challenges she faced as an entrepreneur.

33:15 Mia explains story behind her business, Borrowed Life—and why this name has a lot of meaning to her.

35:06 She explains the inspiring story of how she reunited with her husband.

38:15 Mia describes how her true wealth is her family.

39:19 She describes how it felt to finally become debt free and how thankful she was for GreenPath’s support.

40:57 Mia offers advice for someone who might be experiencing financial stress.

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