The Budgetnista Talks “Next Level Adulting”

  • October 26, 2021
  • By: GreenPath Financial Wellness

A Virtual Conversation

Earlier this year, GreenPath hosted a special streaming event “The Financial Transformation You’ve Been Waiting For!” It was a virtual conversation featuring Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche.

In this video highlight, The Budgetnista gives practical advice about next level “Adulting” as a time to learn the basics of saving and investing. She introduces us to her alter-ego “Wanda” who helps the Budgetnista stay on track for long-term goals.

What does it mean when the Budgetnista refers to “adulting?”

A common definition of the term is to behave in an adult manner, to engage in activities associated with adulthood.

As The Budgetnista notes, it’s a good time to emphasize the importance of healthy financial habits.

Simply Finances

From automating bill payments to making a simple financial plan, simplifying your finances is a good step to building healthy financial habits.

Set a Budget

One of the most important steps to financial wellness is to create a budget. That sounds easy. But it’s more difficult than it seems.

Budgeting means making a plan to live within one’s means.

Budgeting should be a family project. A budget is difficult to stick to if only one person builds it. That job can be very stressful if that person does not have the full support and understanding of everybody in the family. The entire household should be aware of what is available to spend — or not spend.

When it comes to “adulting,” relatively small changes “nudge” us along in the direction of financial wellness

About the Budgetnista

Aliche is the author of the new, New York Times Best Seller Get Good with Money. Through her “Live Richer Movement”, Aliche has helped over one million women (Dream Catchers) collectively save more than $250 million dollars and pay off over $200 million dollars in debt. A New Jersey native, Aliche was instrumental in getting The Budgetnista Law (A1414) passed in January 2019, making financial education mandatory for all middle school students in the state. She is a powerful influencer who has been featured on Good Morning America, TODAY show, PBS, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, ESSENCE, FORBES, Fox Business, MSNBC, CNN/HLN, Black Enterprise and other major outlets.

The Path to Adulting

Figuring out how to manage money is a key part of adulting.

GreenPath was excited to team up with Tiffany Aliche who shares similar approaches as we do in helping people save money, improve their credit and pay off debt.


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