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Real Stories Ep 51: Racheal Weathers the Storm

Meet Racheal: A Financial Resilience Role Model Overcoming $124K Debt, Buying a Home, and Empowering Others Through GreenPath.

Real Stories Ep 50: Transforming Trauma: Nadine’s Road to Financial Recovery

Follow Nadine’s financial self-care journey, from early retirement to debt management with GreenPath, offering insights for others.

Real Stories Ep 49: Three Generations Reflect on Hardship, Hope

Three generations share tales of financial resilience—foreclosure, student loans, retirement. Learn from their journey.

Real Stories Ep 48: The Road to Home: Jasmine Paul’s Inspiring Resilience

Explore Jasmine Paul’s inspiring journey from homelessness to homeownership. Learn how she turned financial challenges into triumph.

Real Stories Ep 47: Jesse Flips his Financial Script

Join Jesse’s journey with GreenPath’s Debt Management Program, conquering financial challenges and paving the way to a brighter future.

Real Stories Ep 46: Matt and Kendal Face Bankruptcy, Find Resilience

Matt and Kendal’s resilient financial journey, including overcoming bankruptcy and medical debt with GreenPath.

Real Stories Ep 45: LeAnn Leans In

Explore LeAnn’s debt-to-freedom journey in Episode 45: “LeAnn Leans In.” Key moments, insights, and advice await!

Real Stories Ep 44: The Cost of Credit: Renita

Follow Renita’s journey from an innocent credit card application to overcoming a crippling debt burden with GreenPath’s help.

Real Stories Ep 43: Khalil Drives Himself to Financial Success

Khalil partnered with GreenPath to improve his credit and pay down his debt helping him purchase his first vehicle.

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