Episode 2: Tammy and her husband change their family’s financial future

  • January 7, 2020
  • By: GreenPath Financial Wellness

Meet Tammy. Tammy’s husband is handling the family’s finances and becomes concerned that their debt is spiraling out of control. He approaches her with a plan to work with GreenPath Financial Wellness to become debt-free. What starts out as a challenge becomes a turning point in their marriage and growing family. Tammy finds out that one of her superpowers is managing their budget and together, they pay down their debt. In her own words, Tammy shares what it was like before, during and after their Debt Management Plan.

Key Moments

1:40 What prompts Tammy and her husband to reach out for financial counseling?

3:40 How does addressing their financial concerns become a turning point in their marriage?

7:25 What is their experience like starting a Debt Management Plan?

10:35 What is it like to connect with other people going through a similar experience?

11:25 How is it possible to move across the country while continuing to pay down their debt?

13:11 Why is GreenPath happy to “cancel” their program?

16:23 How do they maintain their momentum after becoming debt-free?

17:18 Would they have done anything differently with their finances when they were younger?

18:18 What advice do they have for people in similar circumstances?

21:21 Our hosts reflect on the lessons learned from Tammy’s story.

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