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Pay it Forward, Encourage Others to Achieve Financial Wellness

Record your money success story and share your video with others to help spread the news about achieving financial wellness. Take a look at our Talking Prompts & Video Tips to get started.

Talking Prompts & Video Tips

To get started, use the talking points below and speak from experience. Once completed, submit your video using the form below.

Would you mind telling me a little about yourself? Your background, where you live, your family?

What were the main reasons you had at first for contacting GreenPath? What was going on at that time? What was the situation or challenges you were facing?

What were your initial financial goals prior to starting your Debt Management Program?

Have you achieved these goals?

Our Client Success specialists are usually the ones assisting our clients through their questions, concerns and updates while on a DMP. What was your experience working with our specialist team during your program?

What are some suggestions or advice you would like to share with others who might be facing financial challenges like yours?

Use your phone, laptop, or any recording device to record yourself. Follow these quick tips below for a great visual.

  • Natural light is best
  • Avoid shadows
  • Talk to the camera
  • Smile normally

Watch Rhonda’s video for inspiration.

Rhonda's Story

Like Rhonda’s video, your success story video will be shared with a larger audience through GreenPath’s blog, news interviews (radio & television), and podcast.

Quick Two Steps to Submit Your Story