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GreenPath, A Trusted National Nonprofit

GreenPath Financial Wellness is a nonprofit with more than 60 years of helping people build financial health and resiliency. GreenPath’s mission is to empower people to lead financially healthy lives.

“I had so many questions, so many doubts. He [the counselor] offered some amazing solutions.”

Client Lavell

Lavell Paid Off Almost $50K in Credit Card Debt

A realistic and sustainable debt management plan allowed Lavell to build up savings for future goals – such as starting a family.

“It was freeing to have a plan, especially with such supportive counselors."

Client Tammy Family

Tammy Saved About $70K in Interest Charges

On the Debt Management Program, Tammy and her family paid off $49,000 in credit card debt in 51 months and saved nearly 70K in interest charges.

“In teaming with GreenPath, I have become financially stable and reduced a lot of stress.”

GreenPath Client John Fryer

John Paid Off $8,455 in Credit Card Debt

In reflecting on his financial picture, he posed the question “How do you pay off debt if you don’t even know how much you owe?”

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Manage Debt

Most of us have debt. Get the support and tools to manage it. See the power of a plan that addresses your financial concerns and empowers you to live a financially healthy life.

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Make Housing Decisions

Facing foreclosure, looking for rental counseling, considering a reverse mortgage or home purchase? HUD-certified counselors provide trusted support to handle housing challenges.

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Financial Resources

Select from a variety of free resources to guide you on your financial journey. Articles, tools, webinars and classes set you up to make informed decisions about your finances.

GreenPath Client Testimonials

Erin | Windsor, CO via

Stars Consumer Affairs

“They made it easier to manage my debt and get it paid off. They helped establish a timeline with the debt collectors and break my debt out into payments.”

Kathleen | Manchester, NH via

Stars Consumer Affairs

“Their service was always professional and high quality…Their program has helped me to easily clear up and manage some debt.”

Jose | Lake Monroe, FL via

Stars Consumer Affairs

“My experience with GreenPath was excellent. They handled my financial situation during Covid and it was a tremendous help. My financial program is already fixed.”

Margarita | Hemet, CA via

Stars Consumer Affairs

“I paid off everything before it was scheduled to end. I would definitely recommend GreenPath to somebody that needed it.”

Marcio | Danbury, CT via

Stars Consumer Affairs

“Whatever I wanted to pay, there was no pressure or struggle. It was awesome. GreenPath is the first one I will totally recommend because they’re amazing.”

Hillary | Lake Orion, MI via

Stars Consumer Affairs

“They were very caring and empathetic. They told me exactly what I would need and they pretty much laid things all out for me.”

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Each year, GreenPath works with thousands of people to eliminate credit card debt. Taking the first step can sometimes be difficult, but with GreenPath you will speak with someone who has your interests at heart.