Credit Report Review

Review Your Credit Report

Staying on top of your credit report is an important financial wellness checkup. Regularly monitoring your credit can alert you to errors, protect you from fraud, and provide you important information to strengthen your credit score. It is important to review your credit report for any abnormalities.

Why Credit Scores Matter

A strong credit score can open doors, but a poor credit score can be a hurdle. Lenders use your credit score to set your interest rate when you borrow money, which affects how much you will pay for the loan. It affects your credit card interest rate and the amount you pay for insurance. Information on your credit report can even be considered when you interview for a job.

Financial mistakes, such late payments, can lower your credit score quickly. However, increasing your credit score takes time. There is no “quick fix” to improve your credit score. Be skeptical of any company that says it provides credit repair.

Free Credit Report Review

GreenPath’s NFCC-certified credit counselors can walk you through a free review of your credit report. We’ll explain how to read the report and how credit scoring works, and answer your questions. Together we’ll make a plan for managing your credit score to support your goals.

Access Your Free Credit Report

You can obtain one free credit report per year from each of the three credit bureaus — Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. Access your free reports at The reports are free, but expect to pay about $5 if you want to see your credit score.