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Get information, tools and tips for managing your finances, getting out of debt, improving your credit and more. These articles are written by GreenPath staff, based on the needs that we learn about from our clients.

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Rev Up Your Car Budget

Budgeting for a car means putting a plan in place and considering all of the factors to help you buy or lease something.

Real Stories Ep 48: The Road to Home: Jasmine Paul’s Inspiring Resilience

Explore Jasmine Paul’s inspiring journey from homelessness to homeownership. Learn how she turned financial challenges into triumph.

Financially Ever After: Tips for Joint Money Management

Elevate your joint finances with expert tips. Harmonize money styles, merge accounts, and celebrate milestones.

Financial Planning Tips for Parents

Parenting finances made simple. Tips for emergencies, education, and teens. Secure your family’s future with expert advice.

Consejos financieros para padres

Las finanzas de los padres simplificadas. Consejos para emergencias, educación y adolescentes. Asegure el futuro de su familia con el asesoramiento de expertos.

Reaching Your Financial Goals in 2024 – Recorded Webinar

Learn how to set and achieve your 2024 financial goals, with strategies to make 2024 truly ‘your year’ for success.

Real Stories Ep 47: Jesse Flips his Financial Script

Join Jesse’s journey with GreenPath’s Debt Management Program, conquering financial challenges and paving the way to a brighter future.

Dollars and Sense: A Blueprint for Prioritizing Bills

Which bills should you pay first? Food, medicine, childcare, mortgage/home expenses, auto, child support, income taxes and then unsecured debts.

Keep Your Money Habits Going

These are challenging times in many ways, but the bright side is that many people have developed strong, positive money habits that make a favorable impact on their financial future.

Finish Strong: Year-End Financial Resources

Empower your finances with GreenPath’s year-end resources: debt strategies, budgeting tips, credit insights, housing support, and more.

Real Stories Ep 46: Matt and Kendal Face Bankruptcy, Find Resilience

Matt and Kendal’s resilient financial journey, including overcoming bankruptcy and medical debt with GreenPath.

Identity Theft & Fraud: How to Protect Yourself – Recorded Webinar

Stay informed and safeguard your digital life! Join our webinar to learn about identity theft, online fraud, and essential protection methods.

Plan to Reduce Financial Stress this Holiday Season

In a holiday season like no other, the impact of financial instability on stress levels is challenging. Learn ways to reduce holiday stress.

reduce energy usage

Make a Plan to Save 20% or More on Your Energy Bills

If your utility bills put a crunch on your budget, there are easy steps you can take to reduce energy usage and save on your energy bills. Read more here!

Como crear tu propio éxito financiero

Descubre el éxito financiero con GreenPath, una organización con más de 60 años de experiencia. Supera desafíos financieros y obtén asesoramiento gratuito. ¡Llama hoy mismo para iniciar tu camino hacia una mejor situación financiera!

Budget-Friendly Strategies for Charitable Contributions

Learn budget-friendly strategies for charitable giving this holiday season and make a meaningful impact without breaking the bank.

Real Stories Ep 45: LeAnn Leans In

Explore LeAnn’s debt-to-freedom journey in Episode 45: “LeAnn Leans In.” Key moments, insights, and advice await!

Get Your Money in Holiday Mode

Conversations continue about rising interest rates and inflationary pressures during the holidays, which might put a dent in your holiday budget.

What to Know About 401K and 403b Retirement Plans

401k and 403b retirement plans are employer-sponsored and allow employees to deduct money from their paychecks and deposit it in a retirement account.

Five Part Checklist To Improve Your Financial Fitness

Are you financial healthy? Here is a five part checklist to help you improve your financial fitness and achieve your financial goals.

Resources for Veterans: From Service to Financial Stability – Recorded Webinar

Join us as we discuss some of the challenges our veterans face, as well as resources for and solutions to those challenges.

4 Ways Student Loan On-Ramp Reduces Stress

Unlock stress relief with the 12-month On-Ramp Period for federal student loans. Explore payment flexibility and debt solutions.”

Giving To Others Makes Us Happy

Everyone talks about “paying it forward,” and researches seem to agree that if you give more, you’ll get more. Several studies show that giving to others makes us happy.

Breast Cancer UnAwareness Month™: Strategies for Financial Resilience

Pink Fund extends a helping hand, while GreenPath provides complimentary financial counseling for comprehensive support.

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