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It’s Back to School Time – Are You Ready? | Wed Aug 23rd - 12:00pm

Whether you’re counting down the days until school starts with excitement or dread, there is a lot to do before the first day arrives.  From shopping for supplies to setting up routines, this is an important and busy time that can be stressful and costly.   Join us as we share some tips for helping your family smoothly transition to the new school year.  Click here to register!        

To Retire or Not to Retire (That is the Question) | Wed Sep 6th - 12:00pm

During this webinar, we will talk through some key questions that will need to be answered as you weigh your options about when to retire.  Even if your date is set, you won't want to miss out, as we discuss drawing from Social Security, taking distributions from retirement accounts, earning income during retirement, and much more. Click here to register!