E.g., 10/17/2017

Webinar Wednesday - Be Credit Wise | Wed Oct 18th - 12:00pm

During this webinar, the benefits of credit, considerations before applying for credit, methods to establish and re-establish credit, strategies to minimize the cost of credit, and ways to use credit wisely will be discussed. Join us! Register here.

Webinar Wednesday - Understanding Your Credit Report & Score | Wed Nov 1st - 12:00pm

One of our most requested webinars! Credit affects so many areas of your life. At the same time, there are questions!  What is a credit report? Is my credit report and my credit score the same thing? Do I pay for my credit report? How do they figure out my score? How do I build or rebuild my credit?  We’ll answer these questions and dispel common myths in this fast paced and informative session.

Webinar Wednesday - Holiday Spending Without Breaking the Bank | Wed Nov 15th - 12:00pm

With the holiday season approaching, this is the perfect time to review your money management practices and how to avoid the budget blues. During this webinar, we will share five strategies to help you stay focused as you start thinking about holiday spending.

Webinar Wednesday - The Psychology of Spending: Why We Buy | Wed Nov 29th - 12:00pm

In this webinar, you will learn about the external factors that influence buying behavior, money personalities, ways to control spending, and strategies to overcome the forces that make us spend.

Webinar Wednesday - Tips for Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility | Wed Dec 13th - 12:00pm

With the holiday season quickly approaching bringing gifts, gift cards, and possibly even cash, it's never too early to start teaching your kids the basics of finances. And since most school curriculums are lacking in this area, it's important to get started at home.  During this presentation, we will discuss practical tips on how to incorporate valuable lessons about money into everyday life with your children.  Click here to register!