Your Money Guide (Fannie Mae)

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Are you wondering what makes coaching work?

It's your BFF (Best Financial Friend) who will guide you through the coaching program. When you sign up you will receive all the information you need to understand money, spending and emotion around money and your BFF will help you apply the information to your unique situation. What are you waiting for?

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Get Your Financial
Life Organized

One of the first things we’ll do is organize your financials. You will figure out your net worth, gross income, savings rate and more.

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Know Where You
Stand Financially

You will pull your most recent credit card statements, look at how much you spend each month and where, and then figure out where you can cut back.

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Create Small
Manageable Goals

Once you know where you stand you can create smaller, manageable goals that lead to success.

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Money Goals

Less Stress

Save Money

Pay Off Debt

Be Confident

Get Organized

Better Habits

Master Your Money.
Space is Limited.

These short “to-dos” are design with users like you in mind. We understand life is busy, these “to-do’s” are meant to work with your routine. Space is limited, start today.

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