Debt Management Calculator

NOTE:  This is an example. It helps you see how a debt management plan might help you. IT IS NOT AN ACTUAL QUOTE.

How the calculator works

“Pay on your own” assumes you make only the minimum payment. We use an interest rate of 24 percent. The GreenPath debt management plan is based on getting rid of the debt within five years. We use an average interest rate of 8 percent. Actual interest rates will vary by client and creditor. Your rates could be higher or lower.

How we can help

People often struggle to shake credit card debt because their balances keep growing.  They make monthly payments, but their balances don’t decrease. Interest charges, late fees and over limit fees keep adding up. You may feel like you’re on a debt treadmill, working hard but not making much progress.

GreenPath may be able to lower your credit card interest rates. We might be able to waive fees. We can sometimes stop collections activity. That could help you to pay off your credit card debt quicker. More of your payment would be applied to your principal balances.  And, by reducing the interest charges each month, you could potentially save lots of money.

How to get started

A GreenPath debt management plan is not a solution for everyone.  However, if it looks like we may be able to save you money, call us at 800-550-1961 to conduct a free debt counseling session and find out if we can help you eliminate credit card debt.

See How a GreenPath Debt Management Plan Can Help You

GreenPath Debt Calculator