Frequently Asked Questions

1 . General / Credit Counseling

There is no charge for a credit counseling session.
The first session takes about an hour. However, it will depend on your unique situation and what you need to accomplish your goals.
No appointment is necessary to speak with a financial counselor by phone. Monday-Thursday 8:00 am – 10:00 pm Eastern, Friday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Eastern, Saturday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Eastern.
No problem! We can complete as much as we can and finish up at a more convenient time. You can also schedule an appointment to be called when you will be available.
One of the first things a counselor will do with you is put together your budget. Having an idea of your income and expenses is helpful. If you have billing statements handy, even better.
All client information is secure and confidential. Greenpath will not share your information with anyone without your permission. We also do not report to credit bureaus.

2. Debt Management

We work with most creditors throughout the U.S., including banks, credit unions, retailers, medical providers, auto finance agencies, and collection agencies.
Debt Management Program set up fees and monthly fees vary based on your state of residence and debt amount. On average, GreenPath clients are charged a one-time enrollment fee of $35 and a $28 monthly fee. This is minimal considering the amount of money our clients typically save in waived late fees, waived over limit fees, and reduced credit card interest charges.
Since the goal of a debt management program is to pay off debt, the credit cards included in the program will be closed. Most creditors will usually allow you to continue using one card for emergencies and travel.
If you decide to keep your debt management program open but remove one of your debts to pay the creditor directly, the creditor typically will not keep the same terms in place. When the creditor sees payments are no longer coming from a debt management program, they usually change the Annual Percentage Rate, APR, back to the original and recalculate a new minimum monthly payment for you. Sometimes creditors will offer a lower APR for a limited time period, 6-12 months, whereas the DMP is for 60 months.
GreenPath is a neutral third party that works in your best interest. Many creditors support our work because they believe it results in positive, long-term outcomes.
GreenPath does not contact the credit bureaus when you enroll in a debt management program. However, because you will be closing lines of credit during the enrollment process, your score may dip. But over time, most people see their scores increase, because they are making payments in-full and on-time each month.
The length varies based on your unique situation, but unsecured debts are usually paid off in three to five years.
There is an agreement you will sign when starting a debt management program. The agreement specifies the program details and gives us permission to pay your creditors on your behalf. The agreement is not a binding contract and you can cancel the program at any time.
Yes, absolutely. We have a dedicated team of specialists able to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. We also periodically reach out to see how you’re doing.

3. Housing Services

There is no charge for mortgage delinquency or rental counseling. There is a $199 fee for reverse mortgage counseling and a $150 fee for pre-purchase counseling.
We can contact your servicer to help start a conversation about options, but we can’t guarantee any outcomes. Your outcome will depend on what your servicer is willing to offer and/or if you qualify for state and federal programs.

4. Student Loan Counseling

A student loan counseling session is free as part of GreenPath's counseling services.
We will work with you to find the repayment option that is best for you, but we can’t guarantee a lower payment. It will depend on your situation, what your servicer is willing to offer, and/or if you are eligible for federal student loan repayment programs.

5. Credit Reports

There is no charge for a credit report review. It’s free!
GreenPath offers a Credit Report Review for free. It will cost about $15 if you would like GreenPath to provide you with your full credit report and score. You can also access a free copy of your credit report summaries by visiting or calling 877-322-8228.
No legitimate company will provide credit repair. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns consumers of any company that charges money for credit repair and/or says it will remove late payments, bankruptcies or similar information from a credit report.

6. Reverse Mortgage

The counseling session costs $199. Grant funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) allow us to keep our counseling affordable. You may qualify to have the fee financed based on your income, family size and geographic location.
No, non-profit housing counseling agencies can’t receive money or recommend reverse mortgage lenders. GreenPath is a housing counseling agency, not a lender.
No, GreenPath is not a lender. We are a neutral educational resource that helps seniors and their family members make an informed decision.
No. However, there is a 2 step two-step process to receive the certificate. The first step is to contact GreenPath at 877-385-1941. We will gather some basic information and ask a few questions about your property. This will allow us to create a few documents that you will need to read prior before your counseling session. Once you have received and read your documents (usually sent within 24-48 hours), the second step is to call us to complete your counseling session.
The counseling session must be completed by anyone on the deed of the home on which you are seeking the reverse mortgage. A non-borrowing spouse is also required to be counseled. Some clients also choose to invite adult children or family to the session.

7. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy counseling costs are $50 by phone. Based on your income, you may qualify for a lower price. Call us to find out what your cost will be.
Plan on about one hour for the bankruptcy counseling session, which is required to file for bankruptcy.
No, GreenPath cannot practice law or assist in filing for bankruptcy.
No, GreenPath counselors are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice. We are an objective information and education resource so you make an informed decision.
Typically, your certificate will be available within 30 minutes of completion.