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Make Sense of Homeownership

Do you have questions about housing? Should you buy a home? Refinance your house? What if you can’t make your mortgage payments? Or your credit isn’t great? Or perhaps, you’re trying to stay in your home? For most of us, our home is one of the biggest factors in our budget.

Support for Housing Decisions of All Kinds

Foreclosure Prevention & Support

Foreclosure Prevention & Support

Free foreclosure counseling and support, so you know your options.

Relief starts here
Homebuyer Assistance

Homebuyer Assistance

What you need to know and do, before you buy a home

Let's figure it out
Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Figure out if a reverse mortgage makes sense for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Foreclosure or mortgage delinquency counseling and rental counseling are free. There is a $199 fee for reverse mortgage counseling and a $150 fee for pre-purchase counseling to prepare you to buy a home.
We can contact your servicer to help start a conversation about options, but we can’t guarantee any outcomes. Your outcome will depend on what your servicer is willing to offer and/or if you qualify for state and federal programs.