In Our Own Words: Celebrating GreenPath’s 60 Year Anniversary

  • August 10, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Turning 60 is one of those ‘milestone” celebrations, right?

Those who have recently hit the 60-year mark might wonder “where has the time has gone?”

This month as we celebrate GreenPath’s founding in 1961, we are feeling “all the feels” and overwhelmingly, our team is optimistic, hopeful and excited to build on our 60-year legacy as we look to the future.

As a trusted national nonprofit focused on financial wellness for everyone, we’re proud that people have turned to us for more than 60 years as their guide as they navigate debt, foreclosure, bankruptcy, housing or financial challenges.

Throughout six decades, our talented team has made the difference to those we serve.

Shared below are a few reflections of GreenPath team members as we honor 60 years of empowering people to lead financially healthy lives.

Trent – Financial Wellness Expert

“I started at GreenPath in 1991 as a Counselor in Grand Rapids, Michigan then served as the branch manager of our Traverse City, Michigan locations. I then was Group Manager for 15 years before becoming a primary Expert in the Traverse City location, where I currently reside.

“I’ve had the chance to watch GreenPath evolve over the years. I’ve seen the days when we would close offices for an entire day to print checks for creditors on-site and then drive to deliver them to places like utility companies and banks on behalf of our clients

“I’ve watch how economic trends have affected GreenPath. Our organization invests in our team, and our services, even in challenging economic times. I’ve witnessed our organization identity changing from Credit Counseling Centers Inc, to CCCS of Michigan to Greenpath Debt Solutions, to Greenpath Financial Wellness. In the early days we provided face-to-face counseling but as customer preferences have changed, we now counsel clients through phone and online with different computer systems and processes over the years.

“The “why” behind the work I do at GreenPath is all about serving people, providing a sense of relief to them about their finances, and helping them anyway I can.”


Edie – Client Success Specialist

“I started at GreenPath as a credit counselor in 1994 for a GreenPath organization then called Consumer Credit Counseling of Northern Indiana. I worked as a credit counselor with CCCS of Northern Indiana and then went on to a Client Success Specialist role with GreenPath.

“When I think of my most memorable moments I’ve experienced during my nearly 30-year career at GreenPath, I will never forget what an impact clients made on me when they told me what GreenPath meant to them.

“Some clients were so thankful for the service we provided that they mailed thank you cards upon completion with a comment that resonates with me still today.  They felt as though they had dug themselves into a deep hole which and felt hopeless for various reasons but GreenPath provided the ladder to help them climb out!

“It made me understand what an impact we make to our clients on a daily basis – and we still do all these years later.”


Omari – Learning Experience Designer

“I started at GreenPath as a financial counselor, and am now a Learning Experience Designer. It wasn’t until my time at GreenPath that I realized one of the underlying factors leading to the continuation of this poverty cycle was a lack of access to financial education.

It became very clear to me how fundamentally important financial literacy is to sustain a reasonable quality of life, and how much of an impact we at GreenPath can make by being advocates for those in need.

Our culture has also inspired me to encourage others to take action to affect change in their communities. Whether that action is as simple as facilitating conversations around creating safer spaces for those with varied experiences, exercising the right to vote, or arranging meetings with local lawmakers to influence legislative change in our communities. ALL of our voices are essential if we are to work on being the change that we want to see.

Being The Change ( )

Mandy – Manager of Business Development

“I’ve been with GreenPath for 10 years and now serve as the Manager of Business Development. I manage an awesome team that works with credit unions, banks, employers and other organizations to partner with us to refer their members/customers/employees to GreenPath.

“One of the more noteworthy changes I’ve witnessed at GreenPath is our culture.  We have always had very passionate and caring people at GreenPath, but the overall culture has evolved to be so much more open, inclusive, empathetic and impact focused.  It has been awesome to be part of that change.”


60 Years and Counting

They say that “age is a state of mind.” After six decades, our mind continues to focus on empowering people to lead financially healthy lives – as hundreds of thousands of people improve their financial health by working with us.

As one of the first agencies approved by HUD to conduct financial counseling services, and one of the first agencies approved by the Department of Justice to provide bankruptcy and education services. GreenPath stands ready to serve in the decades ahead.

Watch for more reflections on our 60-year anniversary in upcoming blog posts.