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  • October 26, 2022
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

A place to call home is essential in life. Whether you rent or own, it is where you relax, refresh, and recharge.

However, sometimes, financial challenges may lead to falling behind on your monthly mortgage or rent.

While it can be confusing to understand your options, remember you are not alone. Housing counselors from the trusted national nonprofit GreenPath are here to help.

When you have questions, counselors certified from the Department of Housing and Urban Development Agency (HUD) have answers. You can start a conversation about where you are today, and how you can accomplish your financial goals.

When you call counselors for housing-related questions, you will receive one-on-one help to better understand all of your options. When you feel more confident about your situation, you can make informed decisions.

To help understand a little more about the process, we asked GreenPath counselors to address some common concerns.

What kind of support do GreenPath housing counselors provide?

Certified counselors provide life changing support for common situations such as looking at alternatives to foreclosure, loan modification support, rental counseling and overall financial wellness. Read about the full housing counseling services here.

When should I call?

One size does not fit all. When you first have housing concerns is the time to reach out. Don’t wait. Connecting with a trusted resource as soon as possible is vital to your ability to think and act clearly.

No matter the current situation with your mortgage or rent, GreenPath counselors can help.

HUD counseling is a free resource — not a debt collector — and counselors listen with empathy to understand your current situation, while providing realistic options in terms you can understand.  

What is the biggest stressor you hear from callers?

The biggest stressor counselors hear from callers is fear of the unknown. They are concerned about uncertainty with their homes when they face a financial challenge. The stress of possibly losing their home and having nowhere to go keeps people up at night.

Sometimes this is heightened because callers also have frustrations when contacting their mortgage servicer. A solid, understandable perspective on a servicer can help people remove emotional barriers.

A counselor can help make that connection and explain the process as well as the options in clear terms. Counselors can call the lender on a three-way call, ask the correct questions and find out what options are available. Because the foreclosure process varies by state, and options exist that may allow clients to slow or suspend foreclosure activity, sharing a timeline with clients assists with their next action steps and path forward to relieve stress and get back on track.

Working with GreenPath counselors is simple and stress free. When you reach out, you can get the help you need fast.  

Free Homeownership Counseling

Home buying is a big step and takes some planning. Learn more here. Or contact a GreenPath counselor.

Home buying is a big step and takes some planning. Contact a GreenPath counselor to better understand the process.

Can I trust my counselor and that my information will be safe?

GreenPath counselors are experts – unbiased and independent with your best interests at heart. Our one and only job is to help. Whether it is saving your home, supporting renters, refinancing a home, going through a budget and financial session to make sure you are doing the right things financially or simply answering questions.

GreenPath HUD-certified counselors have gone through many hours of training and certifications to be well informed about housing options, terminology, and budgeting to give clients the best help possible.

GreenPath adheres to the latest security standards to keep your information safe.

Who are the counselors?

GreenPath counselors are trained and certified in housing counseling. Also, remember they are people who have had personal hardship experiences and can relate to what you are going through. They have often shared this with our clients because we want you to know there is hope to turn your situation around.

Many counselors bring years of personal and professional experience to the calls and are able to combine their experiences with all their training to help clients get through the many difficult situations they may be facing or to just make better housing or financial decisions.

Our counselors have decades of mortgage and financial industry experience and are experts at foreclosure prevention. They are passionate about helping clients and about helping you improve your financial wellness. 

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“The people that I talked to from GreenPath were really helpful and I ended up going with them right off the bat.”

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