Real Stories Ep 29: Kimberly – “Side Hustling” to a More Balanced Life

  • July 15, 2022
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Kimberly’s story is one of resilience. Despite having a mortgage payment that doubled and tens of thousands of dollars of credit card debt, she found a way to persevere. For her, the side hustle was front and center. Yet, she found work she loved to do like bartending, pet sitting and voice acting. And as she eventually paid off her credit card debt, she is now able to create more balance in her life. Her journey has not been an easy one – but it has been full of lessons along the way.

Key Moments

2:15 Kim grows up in a family where her parents have very different approaches to money.

4:40 Her dad helps pay off the $25,000 in debt she accumulated in her 20s.

7:43 After getting an interest-only mortgage to purchase her first home, her payment doubles.

10:22 She tries a number of different ideas to keep up with her payments, including taking on a roommate, bartending and pet sitting.

16:30 She funds her small business with credit cards, eventually leading to $30,000 in new debt.

21:29 She decides to seek outside help for her credit card debt and eventually finds GreenPath.

29:27 She finds support on her debt journey from her bible study group but finds some struggles with a few friendships.

33:24 Kimberly receives help from a patron to help her pay for therapy.

38:21 She speaks to the privilege of being single when it comes to handling her money.

42:03 She talks about how she has tried to reduce her stress more now that she is debt free.

46:43 She expresses her desire to support her family while still supporting herself.

56:01 Kimberly states her truth and then shares her advice for how to balance one’s dreams with a money mindset.

Practical Tips

1:01:49 Do we magically know how to run our finances once we enter adulthood?

1:03:10 How being single can serve as a privilege

1:04:05 Side hustling doing things you love

1:05:10 Running a small business as an artist

1:08:05 The practicality of creating life balance when paying down debt

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