Simple Payment Plan

Money Management Just Got Easier


Simple Payment Plan Simple Payment Plan, powered by EarnUp, is an online service that makes paying loans easier and better. It combines the support of an experienced financial wellness counselor with the brilliance of technology by managing and automating all of your loan payments on one platform.

How it Works

A GreenPath counselor will guide you through a review of your budget and financial goals in a free phone counseling session. If you qualify, you choose which loans or payments you want Simple Payment Plan to manage for you and decide when payments should be taken out of your account. We’ll set the service up for you based on your choices.

A Plan Tailored for You

Then, Simple Payment Plan figures out how to better manage your loans and get out of debt faster.* The plan breaks down your monthly loan expenses into smaller, bite-size withdrawals through the month. Then it makes your full payments at the end of the month, so you can worry less about missing a payment.

You can also opt to round payments up to a nice, satisfying number. Paying even a few extra dollars each time speeds up your payoff, which can help you pay off your loans faster.* All this adds up to on-time payments, better budgeting of your hard-earned cash, and an easier way to manage your loans. Payments are made simple and automatic, and you receive support and advice in setting your budget to meet your goals.

Get Started Today!

And there’s even better news! For a limited time, the first year is free from program fees thanks to a generous gift by Freddie Mac. Call us today to get started. 877-663-0143. It’s free and 100% confidential. You are in the driver’s seat the whole way. GreenPath counselors are professional, respectful and compassionate. We’re not here to sell you a product. We are here to support your financial health because we believe it’s the best way for people to find a path to their dreams.


*Term reductions are calculated net of fees and based on the expectation of additional payments made towards the loan principal over the full life of the loan.

†EarnUp’s monthly fee of $19.95 will be waived for GreenPath clients on the program for the first 12 months. After the first 12 months, the normal program fees ($19.95/month) will be applied. Additional fees may apply, which may come from charges from your bank, lender, or other financial institutions.

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