Credit Escalator


Level Up with Credit Escalator

GreenPath Innovation & Design introduces Credit Escalator: a groundbreaking initiative for Detroit residents that pairs free financial coaching with a low-interest personal loan to improve credit and long-term financial health.

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Your Pathway to Better Credit

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1. Free Financial Coaching

Three free coaching sessions will be provided by NFCC-certified financial experts at GreenPath Financial Wellness. They will walk you through sustainable budget creation, a personalized spending plan, and financial strategies to stay on track with your money goals.

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2. Personal Loan Application Approval

Following your coaching sessions, you will receive step-by-step guidance on completing a personal loan application through Michigan First Credit Union. This loan helps pay off or settle nontraditional debt (such as collections or charge-offs), with the goal of improving your credit score.

Build Wealth, Revitalize Financial Health, and Empower Black Communities

It’s time to systemically redefine banking as usual for individuals of color, beginning with the Black and Brown communities of Detroit. With the mission of empowering people’s financial health, GreenPath Innovation & Design creates opportunities for these individuals to be builders and partners in the creation of Credit Escalator. Together, we can alleviate debt stress, improve credit, and build a foundation for financial resilience.