Tanisha – Money Lessons Across A Generation

Money Lessons Across a Generation

A Better #MoneyMindset

Meet Tanisha and her son Noah. They teamed with GreenPath to help figure out their finances and build a plan to manage debt.  Watch as they describe in their own words how they increased their peace of mind and gained a better #MoneyMindset. 

I just remember from that initial conversation there was a warmth. It felt like it was the right decision.


Chapter 1: A New Mindset About Managing Money

After taking on debt, Tanisha ran into issues with her finances. To prepare to purchase a home, she found her way to GreenPath and discovered that she wasn’t alone. Inspired to build a better foundation for her son, she soon became debt-free. 

Let’s Start a Conversation

A caring GreenPath counselor worked with Tanisha and Noah to assess their entire financial situation and create an action plan to gain financial wellness.

Let’s connect to start the conversation.


Chapter 2: A Game-Changer for Us 

While raising her son, Tanisha looked to GreenPath to help her reduce debt and financial stress. Working through GreenPath’s debt management plan changed her financial future. Hear her describe how teaming with GreenPath was a game changer.

Create a Short-Term Action Plan

Having a plan is the first step to #bedebtfreeThis workbook can help you set a spending plan and create a short-term action plan for paying your bills.


Chapter 3: This is About Making Progress

Managing money might have been one of those “taboo” subjects families don’t discuss. That was Tanisha’s experience growing up, but one she is changing with her own son. Inspired to build a better foundation for her son, Tanisha soon became debt-free.

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