Real Stories Episode 12: Jeff & Victoria – From a Burning Ship to Calmer Waters

  • January 13, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

Victoria was enjoying life in her early 20s. Jeff had a budding career in the restaurant industry. Then things got real very quickly.

Would having a child while she was in college mean that Victoria would have to change her spending habits? Was Jeff ready to make a major career shift while Victoria was also starting her own business?

Jeff and Victoria faced a lot of pain on their journey to financial wellness. Pain from nearly losing their home in foreclosure. Pain from getting into $45,000 in credit card debt. But it was precisely this pain that ended up motivating them to change their life.

And even as they became debt-free, they continue to act with the same sense of urgency to reach their financial goals.

Join us for Jeff and Victoria’s Real Story and be inspired by the money lessons that they learned along the way.

Key Moments

3:46 Victoria and Jeff discuss how their families influenced their approach to money.

7:32 They adjust as the birth of their child in their early 20s has a profound impact on their finances and lifestyle.

11:36 The couple describes how an investment in their careers also led to credit card debt.

19:44 Victoria considers how despite the pain of accumulating debt, she appreciates the growth opportunities it provided.

23:23 Jeff talks about how despite being debt free, it’s important to keep the urgency that got them out of debt.

25:50 They discuss how they fell behind on their mortgage.

31:05 Victoria takes action to get their mortgage and credit card debt under control.

33:23 She discusses her experience meeting with their GreenPath Expert and how she was relieved that she was not being judged.

40:24 Victoria and Jeff describe their experience making adjustments to their spending.

43:39 They describe how COVID impacted their income and depleted their savings.

48:17 Jeff talks about how his improved credit allowed them to refinance and pay off their remaining credit card debt.

57:32 They talk about their financial goals, such as having a wedding and investing in a retirement account.

1:02:40 Victoria discusses what inspired her to share her story.

1:07:52 They share some advice for our listeners.

1:10:40 Our co-hosts discuss money lessons from Jeff & Victoria’s story.

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