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Set an appointment today to work with a housing counselor and apply for assistance through Texas Homeowner Assistance.

We will support you throughout the process and will assist you with completing your application.

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Are you eligible for
Homeowner Assistance Funds?

We will find out if you meet the guidelines and are eligible to apply to receive funds to save your home.


Get help with
Housing Options

First thing we will do is understand your housing situation, your goals, and you will have a Responsive team Ready to Help.

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Apply for Homeowner
Assistance Funds

Our team with over 60 Years of Experience, will help you apply for the funds, and support you with the documentation required. We want to help you succeed!

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Help to get Homeowner
Assistance Funds

Help is available.
We're here to help you get it.

Talk to a HUD Certified housing counselor and get help applying for funds to get current and assistance with building a long term plan. Housing counselors are available Monday through Friday to help you build a long term plan to get current and stay current.

Connecting with one of the housing counselors at GreenPath will give you an opportunity to review the hardship you experienced but also pursue possible options to remain in your home.

Schedule an appointment today.

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