Financial Coaching Lessons

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Lesson 9 – Gratitude

Financial Coaching Pilot is being Extended! Now is your chance to win! We are continuing with our financial coa ...

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Lesson 8 – Pay Off Your Debt

This week we are going to talk about debt. Debt, like many words in the financial world, is a bit controversial ...

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Lesson 7 – Schedule a Money Date

Congratulations, you have a budget! Now what? The next step to maintaining a budget is monitoring your money. T ...

Prepaid Cards

Lesson 6 – Save More

I hope you are noticing a theme as we work through our coaching program.    At the beginning, we really want ...

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Lesson 5 – Make Budgeting a Habit

In week 5 we are actually going back to repeat Step 3.  Why?  Because this is the most important habit you ca ...

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Lesson 4 – Identify & Create a Habit

I am so proud of you!  You’re doing great!  You have done so much in the past month.  You were able to ...

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Lesson 3 – Know Your Money

It may feel like we are getting to this step a bit late in the process. Most coaching programs want you to star ...

Reasons To Budget

Lesson 2 – Organize Your Financial Life in 60 Minutes

Welcome to week 2! This step may feel overwhelming.  You may be thinking I have no idea how to organize my fin ...

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Lesson 1 – What is Your Financial Vision

Financial confidence, a large savings account, being debt-free, quickly being approved for a loan – all o ...

Money Goals 2021

Own My Awesome

Less Stress

Be Confident

Save Money

Get Organized

Pay Off Debt

Better Habits

Less Stress

Be Confident

Save Money

Get Organized

Pay Off Debt

Better Habits

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