Resources to Support You During and After COVID

COVID-era mortgage forbearance relief, renter protection programs, student loan payment pauses and other protections are set to end in the upcoming months.

Even if the federal government extends the relief programs, it’s key to understand how to get back on track with your monthly mortgage, rent or loan payments.

The best way to manage through uncertainty is to know your options. Noted below are resources that share information to help you prepare.


How to Move Forward as COVID Forbearance Relief Meets First Timing Milestones
A useful article shares tips to manage housing payments during COVID.

Make Sense of Homeownership
Financial counseling can be a good first step in figuring out options once relief programs end.

Foreclosure Prevention
If foreclosure is a possible scenario for your household, there is a path that can help you prevent it.

Online Housing Classes
Browse from educational classes available to guide those with housing payment challenges.

COVID-Related Mortgage Relief: Latest HUD News
HUD is helping communities affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) by addressing their housing and health needs.


Can’t Pay Your Rent? 6 Steps to Take Now
GreenPath’s guide gives practical guidance for those having issues paying rent.

How to Move Forward as COVID Forbearance Relief Meets First Timing Milestones
See rental resources from the U.S. Consumer Finance Protection Bureau

Resources for Renters
GreenPath’s Resource for Renters page is a one-stop resource for information.

Temporary Protection from Eviction: Extensions through Oct 3, 2021
The eviction ban, dated July 29, 2021, targets areas of the country experiencing high levels of coronavirus infections and will last for 60 days until Oct. 3, 2021.

Student Loans

Managing Student Loan Debt During COVID-19
An informative article shares tips about managing student loans during COVID.

Student Loans? You’re Not Alone.
Getting information from an unbiased, indpedent resource can help you understand options once student loan payment relief ends.

Reasons to Pay Student Loans Amid the Pandemic – US News & World Report
If your financial situation allows, there are reasons to keep paying student loan debt even during temporary forgiveness.

Consumer, Other Debt

Debt Management Plans
Learn how to pay off your debt with GreenPath!

GreenPath Debt Payoff Calculator
Your current interest rate, monthly payment, and financial situation will all affect how quickly you can pay off your debt.

Get Those Finances on Track with a Spending Plan
Figuring out where your money goes is a great step toward financial freedom.

2021 Child Tax Credit

Child and Dependents Tax Credit FAQs
Read about the American Rescue Plan’s historic expansion of the Child Tax Credit and how it will benefit families.

Aligning Priorities Workbook
With families set to receive Child Tax Credit payments, a handy guide provides information to align budgeting priorities.

Review Your Credit Report
Staying on top of your credit report is an important financial wellness checkup. Regularly monitoring your credit can alert you to errors, protect you from fraud.

If you would like more one-on-one assistance, GreenPath Financial Wellness counselors are available to help you achieve financial health. It’s free, confidential and no pressure! Call today for a free financial counseling session.

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