Financial Counseling for Veterans

Like all people, you face your fair share of financial questions, from dealing with debt to figuring out how to plan for your future. From frequent relocation to maintaining a security clearance, military life can make it complicated to manage your financial life. We are here to make it easier for veterans to get out of debt, establish and maintain healthy credit and achieve your goals. Our credit counseling for veterans and military personnel is judgment-free, confidential and personalized to you.

How Credit Counseling Can Help Veterans

Credit counseling is for anyone who wants to improve financial wellness and take command of your financial life. Veterans and military service members can benefit from credit counseling to:

  • Develop a clear picture of your finances and goals
  • Make a plan and a budget to achieve your goals
  • Pay off debt
  • Improve your credit score
  • Save money
  • Prepare to buy a home

Particularly if your financial life has been on the back burner while you focus on fulfilling your military duty, credit counseling can aid veterans and military personnel who want to improve financial health, safeguard your security clearance, reconnect with life at home and work toward your long-term plans.


GreenPath offers free financial counseling and education to support people in paying off debt. Our professional, caring coaches will explain your options, including paying off your debt on your own or using a Debt Management Plan. They’ll support you to develop a personal action plan that works for you.


How Veterans Can Get Out of Debt

Frequently, one of the first steps you can take to improve your financial health (and your credit score) is to pay off debt. Veterans and military service members and your family can get a free financial counseling consultation to get ahead of debt.

Our NFCC-certified credit and debt counselors will listen to you respectfully and without judgment. Together we will look at your full financial picture, explore your options, and make your personalized plan. If you are interested and it makes sense for your situation, we can walk you through the benefits and process of a debt management plan.

Debt Management Plans for Veterans and Military Service Members

If you have credit card debt or other unsecured debt such as medical debt or collections accounts, a debt management plan (DMP) could help you save money and pay off your debt faster.

1. With a debt management plan, you make a simple (usually automated) deposit on your payday schedule to your GreenPath account, and we take care of paying your creditors for you.

2. We can often reduce your monthly payment requirement, and secure lower interest or fees.

3. You save money on interest and fees, and debt is paid off faster.
Calculate how much time and money you can save (DMP calculator).

Credit counseling and debt elimination are positive steps that can improve your credit and overall financial wellbeing. These are especially important if security clearance is necessary for your job: financial considerations are far and away the largest reason for clearance denials.

Lower Your Stress

86% of veteran and military families report that they experience physical and emotional effects of financial strain. With the support and aid of a trusted, caring financial counselor, you can lower that stress and smooth your path to financial health.

We have helped hundreds of thousands of people, including veterans and military service members, get out of debt, prepare to buy a home, and take charge of their financial lives. 90% of people who speak with us feel better prepared to handle their finances. People report a 13% reduction in their financial stress after working with us.

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Why GreenPath

• We have been in the business of financial counseling and debt elimination for nearly 60 years. A nonprofit credit counseling agency, we are trustworthy – COA-accredited and NFCC-certified. We hold ourselves to a high standard for ethics, integrity and security.
• People are at the center of everything we do. Empathy training, judgment-free communication, and human-centered design tools are used across our organization to create and deliver caring and effective experiences to our clients.
• 90% of our clients feel better prepared to handle their finances.