5 Free Ways to Spread Joy this Holiday Season

  • November 13, 2020
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness
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Our #NoSpendNovember series continues with a look at how to spread joy, without impacting our wallets.

COVID-19 has caused many of us to stay in our homes to practice social distancing and shelter in place. You may be spending more time at home by yourself or surrounded by family members whose schedules and priorities are different than your own. These uncertain times are causing significant stress and anxiety for most of us.

As we navigate this new normal, here are five ways you can spread kindness – for your own self-care, and for others’ well-being.

1. Get Cultured!

Many museums offer virtual tours of their galleries and exhibits. You can find some of the more famous virtual tours here. Set a specific time to enjoy online culture with your friends and family to make it even more of a celebration.

2. Enjoy a Movie for Free

Do you need a second to decompress? Why not stream a movie for the entire family or yourself? Movies are a great way to help you think about something else. Prepare some popcorn for the crew and settle back. You can stream for free using Kanopy. Kanopy is an online video streaming service that lets you watch films for free through your public library.


Check out our financial tips to help you be more mindful of your spending during November.


3. Take a Free Online Class

Whether you’re into yoga, scrapbooking, business, or more, there are many free online courses available for you right now. YouTube is a good source of educational videos about a variety of topics. Want to learn from the best? Try edX.  Founded by Harvard and MIT, edX offers a wide variety of courses delivered for free by the world’s top-ranked universities.

4. Volunteer in Someone’s Name

Perhaps a friend or loved one has trouble getting out and about, yet has a favorite charity that is meaningful to them. Volunteer or serve in their name as a way to honor them, and provide a gift to both the organization and the individual. Whether raking leaves at a church, walking the puppies at the human society, delivering meals on wheels, or another service, be sure to be mindful of social distancing.

5. Share a Memory Moment

Set up a virtual visit, or in-person visit if staying socially distant, to share photos, music or other memories with a friend or relative. Perhaps it is a slide show of family weddings, birthdays or other milestones. Or it is a travelogue of photos from recent vacations. The key is to view the memories, relive stories and enjoy the memories together. Set the theme that would be most enjoyable and relive the fun together while creating new memories.

Fun and Free

While we navigate this new normal, it is essential to protect your finances and your peace of mind.

We know it can be hard to practice self-care, or gifting others when you are worried about paying your monthly bills and paying off debt. GreenPath can help you do both.

Our experts will work with you to create a plan to manage your ongoing expenses and pay off debt while incorporating money to splurge on self-care items that will soothe your nerves.

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