Real Stories Episode 17 – Liz Uses Vulnerability to Transform Her Mindset

  • July 7, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

For Liz, credit cards presented an opportunity to support the lifestyle she wanted. But as she first entered the working world after college, this lifestyle contributed to an increasing debt load. Eventually, she found her way to GreenPath but she wasn’t ready to make major changes to how her finances were handled. Sometime later, her pride took a hit when her electricity was cut off. This motivated her to seek our GreenPath’s support again… but this time, she was ready for a new approach. Hear her journey of how she transformed her mindset and moved towards a brighter financial future.

Key Moments

2:58 Liz describes the differences between how her family spent money growing up and her spending approach after she turned 18.

4:34 She talks about how her credit card debt started to become a point of stress.

7:44 Liz reflects on her past spending patterns with regret.

9:55 She talks about the time her power got shut off and how this affected her.

11:45 Liz realizes that her “Yelp-elite” lifestyle is not sustainable.

13:01 She grapples with how her decisions might affect her credit score in the short term vs. the long term.

15:16 Liz describes how her pride initially held her back from moving forward.

18:49 She talks about how her newfound savings habit has averted potential financial catastrophes.

22:30 Liz’s vulnerability with her friends makes it easier to find support.

25:24 She looks ahead to her next goals, like tackling her student loans.

28:56 Liz talks about her desire to trade in her condo for a small home with a garden.

31:50 She talks about what inspired her to share her story.

34:08 Liz reminds our listeners to be grateful for the little things.

35:57 Our co-hosts discuss three practical tips based on Liz’s story.

Podcast Using Vulnerability to Change Mindset
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