Real Stories Episode 21: Jessie – From Client to Counselor

  • November 15, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

After struggling with credit card debt in college, Jessie was all set to file bankruptcy. But after she told her family about her plans, they encouraged her to search for an alternative – a Debt Management Program with GreenPath. Not only did this option enable her to become debt free – she ended up in a career in banking that likely would not have been possible with a bankruptcy on her record. Jessie eventually landed a role as a financial counselor at GreenPath, where she was able to help people who were in a similar situation to the one she was in.

Key Moments

2:46 Jessie describes how she used student loans and credit cards to cover her expenses during college and how her debt eventually became harder to handle.

6:01 She offers advice for her younger self around how many credit cards are ideal to have.

8:35 Jessie considers bankruptcy.

10:14 Her study abroad program leads to a difficult conversation with her parents about her finances.

12:15 Her father recommends she reach out to GreenPath to explore a Debt Management Plan.

19:42 After fluctuating income post-college, she lands a job working at a bank after a chance encounter.

22:48 Jessie shares what it was like to become debt free.

24:28 She explains her new philosophy using credit cards.

26:43 Jessie talks about her new approach when it comes to savings goals.

32:19 She starts a career as a financial counselor at GreenPath.

34:32 Jessie shifts to a role working with GreenPath’s credit union and bank partners.

Practical Tips

37:47 Exploring alternatives to bankruptcy.

40:57 Using a Debt Management Program to organize bill payments.

44:00 Using a credit card like a debit card.

48:19 Paying yourself back after dipping into savings.

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