Real Stories Ep 38: Budgeting for Hope: Nichelle and Oscar

  • April 15, 2023
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness
  • GreenPath Financial Wellness is a trusted national nonprofit with more than 60-years of helping people build financial health and resiliency. Our NFCC-certified counselors give you options to manage credit card debt, student loans and homeownership.

Today’s episode features two stories. We regularly talk with our clients at GreenPath to hear about their experiences in pursuing financial wellness. These voices are a reminder to others that when it comes to debt (and the stress it brings) you are never alone.

We begin the episode with Nichelle, a single mother who is working hard to balance everyday expenses with debt payoff. In the second half, we meet Oscar who shares how the Debt Management Plan has greatly reduced his stress.

We know that many of our listeners have already spoken to someone at GreenPath. Please consider sharing your story with others.

Key Moments

Key Moments

3:16 Nichelle explains that her daughter can often challenge her financial goals.

4:10 Nichelle shares some of her financial struggles as a single parent.

7:40 Nichelle talks about her initial call with GreenPath and how she felt overwhelmed by debt.

10:31 Nichelle talks about how GreenPath changed her life for the better.

12:33 Oscar explains how his debt started to accumulate.

14:42 Oscar describes his anxiety around finances and his experience reaching out to GreenPath.

16:48 Oscar specifies how GreenPath designed his Debt Management Plan.

19:43 Oscar shares his hopes around upcoming milestones.

20:25 Oscar talks about the many ways his life has improved since starting a Debt Management Plan.

22:57 Oscar offers advice for those in a similar situation.

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