Real Stories Ep 28: Danny Kofke – Rewriting Your Money Story “Can Be Done!”

  • June 15, 2022
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness
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Listen to a conversation with Danny Kofke. His family of four lived on his teacher’s salary for several years. They learned the impact of delayed gratification and the value of not comparing your lifestyle to others.

Danny’s new career is to help others manage their finances better and let them know that rewriting their own money story can be done. He has written five personal finance books and appeared on numerous national television shows. He has also been interviewed on over 600 radio shows.

Danny has given hundreds of presentations across the country helping others with money management. His mission is to show others that if a former schoolteacher can do well financially, they can too.

Key Moments

2:22 Danny shares about how his upbringing influenced his approach to money with his own family.

6:50 He reflects on purchasing his first car and regrets from later purchasing a new car.

8:21 After Danny gets married and quickly moves abroad for two years, he and his wife develop a solid financial foundation.

12:23 He shares how they were able to stretch their budget for a family of four on a teacher’s salary.

16:54 Danny’s experiences with money lead to him writing a book.

20:15 He explains how he ended up in a career in financial wellness.

22:15 He discusses his financial goals with his daughter entering college and their future retirement plans.

27:01 Danny shares personal finance tips during our challenging economic climate.

30:57 He explains why money can act like a five-year-old.

32:22 He advises how to balance debt repayment and savings goals.

37:12 Danny discusses the level of financial transparency he has with his children.

Practical Tips

44:23 How to travel on a budget

45:17 The importance of delayed gratification

47:46 Investing when you have credit card debt

50:00 How to approach your financial goals knowing that appearances can be deceiving

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