Lesson 4 – Identify & Create a Habit

  • July 20, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

I am so proud of you!  You’re doing great!  You have done so much in the past month.  You were able to:  

  • Think about how your values line up with your spending 
  • Organize your finances (aka You got everything in one place!)  
  • Review your credit (If you have questions, sign up for a personalized review!)  
  • Understand where you are financially 
credit starts to tighten

This is amazing, great work!

Our next step is to work on our goals.  Goals are the things we want to achieve.  Often times we focus on goals and then feel disappointed when we don’t meet our goals.  This happens to almost everyone.  There’s a huge gap between our intentions and our actions.   

We want to change that, we want to focus on habits, on creating a process that will allow you to reach your goals.  

Here’s a step by step guide on how to create your new habits.

Put It Into Action!  

  1. Write down your main financial goal.  
  2. Identify a habit that would allow you to reach that goal.   
  3. Use the workbook to make a plan on how to change the habit.  
  4. Tape your list to your bathroom mirror, post it on your refrigerator or put it somewhere you will see consistently.  Visual representation of your goals increases your chance of success.   
  5. Share your plan on Facebook and with your coach so our tribe of people can cheer you on!   

If you have questions, remember we are here to help!  

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