Lesson 6 – Save More

  • July 20, 2021
  • By: Greenpath Financial Wellness

I hope you are noticing a theme as we work through our coaching program.   

At the beginning, we really wanted you to commit to spending time with your money.  This is why we asked you to complete the vision wall and to assess where you currently are.  (If you haven’t done this yet, it’s not too late!)  

In the middle, it was about managing your money.  Our steps were creating a budget, tracking your spending and maybe even signing up for an app like Mint or Personal Capital to track where your money is going.  When you are working through your budget it is a great opportunity to talk with your coach.  They are here to hold you accountable to following through.  Schedule your check in!  

Prepaid Cards

Once you get the basics down we can move onto optimizing your spending.  This week is all about saving money.   

Sometimes when we think about budgeting or saving money we feel like we have to deprive ourselves, but you really don’t need to do that.  Taking control of your money is really about spending more on the things that matter to you and less on the things that don’t.   

Here’s a great example, Jeff met with his coach this week and shared that he was able to switch his cell phone provider.  That simple switch saved him $25 a month!  Would $25 help you reach your savings goal? Jeff wants to move so the switch was easy and it provided him with the energy to continue to look for other ways to save.  

5 Ways You Can Save Today!    

  1. Save Money On Groceries 
  2. Cancel Subscriptions 
  3. Curb Online Spending 
  4. Save on Your Utilities 
  5. Stop Swiping 

Let us know how much you have saved!  Post your win on the FaceBook page.  Sharing how you were able to save money will help other people know what to tackle next!  

Let’s Recap 

Stay tuned for next week – important announcements and the opportunity to win a financial prize are coming!  

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